Customizing the Preference Center Template

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Customizing the Preference Center Template

Preference Centers help visitors to your website set up preferences for the categories of cookies established in your cookie policy. 

You can customize the Preference Centers for your domains to match your organization's branding.

Preference Centers give site visitors options for blocking cookies or groups of cookies based on the Cookie Category.


When implementing your Preference Center, you can define language codes using underscores or hyphens.

Example: en-US or en_US.

To configure a Preference Center

  1. On the Cookie Consent menu, select Templates. The Templates list screen appears.

  2. Select the Template you want to edit. The Template Details screen appears.

  3. Go to the Preference Center tab.

  4. Complete the fields for Layout, Styling , Content, and Advanced Configuration.

  5. Click the Save Template button.

Preference Center Configuration Options

Preference centers can be configured to match the styling and needs of your website.






Select to display a centered, tabbed layout.


Select to display a centered layout.


Select to display a left- or right-aligned layout.





Override Banner Styling

Enable this setting if you want the Preference Center to be branded differently than the banner. Styling fields will appear after the setting is enabled.

Button Color

Select the color to use as the background color for buttons in the Preference Center.

Continue Without Accepting Link Color

Select the color for the Continue Without Accepting link text.

Button Text Color

Select the color for the text displayed on buttons.

Text Color

Select the color for the text in the Preference Center.

Background Color

Select the color for the background of the Preference Center.

Link Text Color

Select the color for the Link text

Accordion Background Color

Select the color for the background of the accordion.

Focus Border Color

Select the color for the border of an in-focus element.

Accordion Type

Select the accordion style or remove the accordion.

Your Logo

Click the Choose File button to select the logo image you want to use in the preference center.

Click the Reset to default logo button to reset the preference center logo to the default.


The optimum size for a logo in the Preference Center is: Height: 50px ; Width: 140px. Supported file formats are PNG, JPG, and JPEG.

Company Logo Screen Reader Value (aria-label)

Enter screen reader text for the company logo.

Custom CSS

Enter custom CSS to further style the preference center to match your organization's branding needs.


Title & Description




Enter the text for the title of the Preference Center.


Enter a description to be displayed in the Preference Center.

Cookie Policy Link



Cookie Policy Link

Enter text to display for the Cookie Policy link.

Cookie Policy URL

Enter a URL for the Cookie Policy.

Screen Reader Value (aria-label)

Enter a screen reader value for the Cookie Policy link.


When configured for a CTV Preference Center, the Cookie Policy Link will display as a QR code on the Preference Center and Vendor Details tabs.


For more information, see Customizing the CTV Preference Center Template.

Vendor List Link



Vendor List Link

Enter a name for the link to the unfiltered Vendor List.

Vendor List Link Screen Reader Value (aria-label)

Enter a screen reader value for the Vendor List link.

Categories & Purposes List




Enter a title for the Categories and Purposes list.

Always Active Label

Enter text for when a Category or Purpose is always active.

Cookie List Link

Enter text for the Cookie List link.

Vendors List Link

Enter text for the Vendors List link.

Button Set


The button set functionality shown below is not currently available as a configurable option for the IAB TCF 2.0 template. The persistent Cookie Settings icon will automatically display if another cookie settings button is not detected. This helps ensure IAB TCF 2.0 compliance by providing a data subject with a means of accessing their consent preferences at any time.




Allow All Consent Label

Text for Allow All Consent.

Allow All Button

Text displayed on the Allow All button.

Show Reject All Button

Enable to display a Reject All button.

Reject All Button

Text displayed on the Reject All button.

For IAB templates only, when the Show Reject All Button setting is enabled, you can configure how the button interacts with Legitimate Interest.



This feature is currently under preview. If your organization would like to enable the feature, please contact OneTrust Support.

Confirm Button

Text on the Confirm Choices button.

Show Close Button

Enable to show the Close button. Allows the user to exit the Preference Center without confirming choices.

Screen Reader Value (aria-label)

Text read for the Close button.

Back Button

Text displayed on the Back button.

Enable persistent Cookie Settings button.

Enable to display a button in the bottom right of your website to resurface the Preference Center.

To change the persistent Cookie Settings button using CSS, see Updating to the new Preference Center template.

Vendor List



Show General Vendors

Enable to display configured General Vendors.

View Vendor List Label

Text displayed for the Vendor List link.

Show Cookies List

Enable to show the Cookies List within the Vendor List and choose the cookie properties to display.


Text displayed for the cookie name label.

Vendor Level Opt-out

Enable to allow site visitors to opt-out by individual vendor.




Apply Filter

Enter text for the Apply Filter button.

Cancel Filter

Enter text for the Cancel Filter button.

Clear Filter

Enter text for the Clear Filter button.

User ID


You must enable the Capture Records of Consent setting in the template's geolocation rule in order for these fields to populate. For more info, see Configuring Geolocation Rules.




Show User ID

Enable to display a user ID associated with a user on the Preference Center.


Enter a title for the user ID.

Show Description

Enable to display a description of the user ID.


Enter a description.

Enable Timestamp

Enable to display a timestamp of the user's most recent consent configuration (UTC).

Timestamp Title

Enter a title for the timestamp.

Not Yet Consented Text

Enter text to display before consent is granted.

Advanced Configuration



Group Categories

Create groups of cookie categories under a bundle group header. You can use a bundle group to associate categories together. For example for a CCPA use case you may bundle any categories that use personal data.

A Bundle Group will be given an ID within OnetrustActiveGroups. The ID will be something like "BG001". When when a user opts into the bundle group, the ID will exist in OnetrustActiveGroups, when a user opts out, the ID will not be within the variable.

To create a Bundle Group:


Custom Bundle Groups generate new IDs when new template versions are created. We recommend using category IDs for all triggering to tags/scripts/SDKs. If you do choose to trigger off of bundle group IDs, you will need to update your implementation when a new template version is generated.

  1. Click the Group Categories button.

  2. Enter a group name and a description (if desired).

  3. In the Select Subgroups field, select the cookie categories you would like to be grouped in the bundle group header.

  4. Click the Create button.

Once you have created the group, you will be able to update the settings for the group. To access the settings, click the Context Menu icon context_menu_icon_v2.png on the side of the group and select Settings.

In the group settings, you can update the group name, group description, view the subgroups (categories) within the bundle group, and configure the following settings:

Show Subgroups - Choose to show or not show the categories in the bundle group.

Show Subgroup Descriptions - If you choose to show the subgroups, you can show or not show the descriptions.

Subgroup Opt-out - This will allow your users to choose which categories within the bundle group to opt in or opt out off. If this setting is off, users will only be able to opt in our opt out at the bundle group level.

you can remove it by clicking the three dots on the side of the group and clicking "Ungroup".

Create Stack

Create a Stack from Purposes and Special Features for IAB TCF 2.0

Allow Legitimate Interest

Allow the Legitimate Interest purpose of processing for IAB TCF 2.0.

To enable Legitimate Interest

  1. On the Cookie Consent menu, go to the Templates tab. The Templates screen appears.

  2. Select your IAB TCF 2.0 template.

  3. Navigate to the Preference Center tab.

  4. Go to the Advanced Settings tab.

  5. Enable the Allow Legitimate Interest setting.

  6. Publish the script for the changes to take effect.

Updating to the new Preference Center template

You can choose to upgrade to the New Preference Center Templates. These new templates have been designed to provide a smoother user interface and improve WCAG compliance. These changes will not take effect until the domain is published.


Changes to the Preference Center CSS code mean that pages with custom CSS code may not function as expected. The Preference Center template can be reverted if problems occur. The changes are described in the View CSS Changes link.


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