Viewing Scan Results

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Viewing Scan Results

You can access website scan results two different ways.

To view scan results

  1. On the Cookie Compliance menu, select Websites. The Websites list screen appears.


    On the Websites list screen, you can see basic information about the scan, including the number of pages scanned, the number of cookies found, and the date of the next scheduled scan.

  2. Click on the domain for which you want to see detailed scan results. The Scan Results dashboard appears on the Website Details screen.

  3. Select a specific scan using the Show field. The Overview tab appears.


    The Overview dashboard shows more detailed information about the results of the most recent cookie scan. For more information about the dashboard and how to view additional scan data, see About Scan Results.

About Scan Results

The Overview dashboard shows information about what was found in a scan of a domain. The information is broken down into the following categories:

  • Cookies

  • Tags

  • Forms

  • Pages

  • Local Storage

Cookies Tile

On the Overview dashboard, cookies found in the scan are categorized as Strictly NecessaryPerformance, FunctionalityTargeting, and Unknown. Cookies are categorized using Cookiepedia. You can add the cookies categorized as Unknown to categories on the Categorizations screen. For more information about categorizing cookies, see Managing and Categorizing Cookies.

On the Scan Results dashboard, you can also see how many of the cookies found were on pages which required a login to access.


The Cookies dashboard shows the cookies found by category and by type as well as a summary of that information.

Below, each cookie found during the scan appears, organized by category. 

To see the pages of the domain on which a cookie appears, click the name of the cookie. 


Tags Tab

In addition to scanning domains for cookies, the scanner also looks for certain types of third-party HTML tags.

On the Overview dashboard, the scanner identifies the following HTML tags:

  • JavaScript

  • Images

  • Object

  • Embed

  • iFrame

  • Web Beacons

On the Tags dashboard, you can view third party tags by domain from which the tag is loaded. 


Forms Tab

The website scanner also detects form elements and uses matching to determine if the fields in the form collect personal data.

On the Forms tab, you can see each field in the audited forms and if that field collects personal information.


To see the page URLs on which a form was found, click the number link in the Forms list.


Pages Tab


On the Pages dashboard, you can see a list of the URLs for each page scanned along with the number of cookies found on each page and if that page contains a form, privacy policy, cookie policy, or requires a login.

To see details about the cookies on a particular page, click the URL for the page you want to view.

Local Storage Tab

The website scanner evaluates the HTML5 storage capacity of a website. 

On the Overview dashboard, you can see the number of local storage objects detected in the scan. 

The Storage dashboard shows each local storage object with details about the host, key, and value.


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