Customizing the Cookie List Template

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Customizing the Cookie List Template

You can customize the layout, styling, content, and behavior of your cookie list template. This allows you to create a look and feel that matches your organization's branding style and behavior preferences

To edit the Cookie List template

  1. On the Cookie Consent menu, select Templates.

  2. Select a the template to edit. The Template Details screen appears.

  3. Navigate to the Cookie List tab.

  4. Fill out the fields for Styling and Content.

  5. Click the Save Template button.

  6. You should also setup the Preference Centerand Banner Template. To assign a Template to a Geolocation Rule, see Adding, Editing and Deleting Geolocation Rules.

Cookie List Configuration Options

The Cookie List can be configured to match the styling needs of your web site.





Title Color

Select the Title text color.

Cookie Group Name Color

Select the Cookie Group Name text color.

Table Header Text Color

Select the Table Header text color.

Table Header Background Color

Select the Table Header background color.

Primary Text Color

Use the color picker to select the Primary text color.

Table Format

Enable to display the Cookie List as a table.

Custom CSS

Enter custom CSS to further style the preference center to match your organization's branding needs.





Cookie List Title

Enter the text to appear at the top of the Cookie List.


Enter a short description of the information contained in the Cookie List.


Enter the text to describe the Host column.


Enter the text to appear above the Cookie name column.

Cookies Used Label

Enter the the text to appear above the Cookies Used column.

Show Lifespan

Enable this setting to display the Lifespan of the cookie.


Text for the Lifespan field (if Show Lifespan is enabled).


Text for the Session field (if Show Lifespan is enabled).


Text for the Days field (if Show Lifespan is enabled).

First Party

Enter the display name for first-party cookies.

Third Party

Enter the display name for third-party cookies.

Organize List by Technology

Enable to organize the Cookie List by technology.

Show Technology Description

If Organize List by Technology is enabled, enable to show technology descriptions.

To add a Cookie List language


When implementing your Cookie List, you can define language codes using underscores or hyphens.

Example: en-US or en_US.

  1. On the Cookie Consent menu, select Templates.

  2. Click the Manage Languages button in the header. The Manage Languages modal appears.

  3. Select the check boxes for the languages for which you want to add banner options. Enable the Show Advanced Languages setting to include regional dialects.

  4. If you want to select a new default language, select the language you want to make the default in the Default Language column.

  5. Click the Save button.


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